Saturday, March 04, 2006

Jewish racists

The title of the article was the very inauspicious


Most folks who read the online edition would miss it.

But the subtitle said a bit more about the topic:

"White Nationalist Conference Ponders Whether Jews and Nazis Can Get Along"

Here is the link to the article:

In case anyone is really wondering the answer to the question, here is a quote from a speaker at the conference:

"The best thing is to not speak about the Jews. They don't exist. "

Right. Had the Nazis had their way, we wouldn't.

Is anyone else shocked that Jews would try to be a part of a racist organization? Have we forgotten all our oppressors? Have we forgotten all our Torah?

There is no concept of "race" in Judaism. There is a concept of "nation", but not race. There are Jews of all races -- whatever the term "race" means (it is actually rather difficult to define in a useful way). And as Rabbi Avi Weiss says, "Am Yisrael is color blind." HaShem judges people for their deeds not their ancestry.

So the most shocking thing about the article is this paragraph:

"Four of the 10 speakers were Jewish at the first conference in 1994 in Atlanta, including New York writer Lawrence Auster and City College philosophy professor Michael Levin. The after-dinner speaker that year was Rabbi Mayer Schiller, a teacher at Yeshiva University High School for Boys who believes in racial separatism. Schiller brought a cadre of yeshiva students with him. Kosher dinners were provided."

Does Rabbi Schiller still have any connection to this group? Does he really believe this trash?


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