Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Rushing to press, rushing to judge

Haaretz had a more detailed article as of 7:15am this morning.


It was updated as of "11:43 25/04/2006"

Lets see....11:43am Israel time is 4:43am New York time. The article stated

"Tens of thousands attended the funeral on Tuesday morning"

That was an awfully early funeral....sunrise was 6:03am! This shows what happens when journalists rush and editors fail to edit.

But more depressing were the talkback comments. There were comments that blasted Haaretz for not using the title "Rabbi" at every opportunity to describe the deceased. A justified comment, but most newspapers don't use titles any more. I would not interpret that as anti-Jewish. Worse were the people who tried to slander the Satmar sect by associating them with Neturei Karta or by accusing them of hypocracy by accepting money from the Israeli government despite their anti-Zionist stance. The Satmars I have met are very proud of the fact that they are one of the few sects who refuse to accept money from the Israeli government. And they refuse to have anything to do with NK and other sects that coddle murderous terrorists. (Does ALL the NK pander to the PA? Or just a few nuts?)

UPDATE! Looks like I was wrong -- the funeral was indeed overnight:



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