Saturday, February 10, 2007

Rabbi Michael Lerner is beyond the pale

As someone who publicly identifies with the left, it is particularly important that when someone else identified with the left makes a public statement that is completely unacceptable, that I single it out for criticism. Such a statement was made by Rabbi Michael Lerner this week when he suggested that it is possible that the US government might have had something to do with the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001:

There is zero evidence that the US government had anything to do with the attacks. There is tremendous evidence that the terrorists were associated with Al Qaeda, which claimed responsiblity. The anti-Semites of the Arab world who blame Israel choose to ignore this, which means they think Al Qaeda lies! Rabbi Lerner makes the same error and he should be ashamed to be associated with such.

I have found plenty of reason to criticize the Bush administration, in both domestic and foregn policy. But this is not such. And to do so is beyond the pale -- it is essentially suggesting treasonous behavior. Although I have publicly said that George W. Bush is the worst US President in my lifetime, he would never even think of such. Rabbi Lerner should reconsider and apologize.