Sunday, March 12, 2006

Why Bush is unpopular

This article gives a hint as to why Bush is at record (for him) low approval ratings despite an economy that is doing surprisingly well:

Independent pharmacists ought to be the perfect Republican voters. They are well educated small businessmen who earn good incomes. But when they complained about the well documented problems with Bush's Medicare drug plan, he dissed them with this remark:

"It's not immoral to make sure that prescription drug pharmacists don't overcharge the system."

Yup, he was accusing his own supporters of overcharging the government, when in fact they had gone out of their way to try to make a terribly designed and terribly implemented program work. Never mind the fact that pharmaceutical manufacturers can charge the government whatever they want.

Democrats had said that the best way to add a prescription drug beneft to Medicare was to, er, uh, do just that. But the Republicans used this to create a windfall for pharmaceutical manufacturers and insurers. Is there any question as to who is running things in Washington?


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