Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Another right wing leader gets a pass

Jerusalem Post columnist Caroline Glick correctly points out the inability of the current German government to see the evil in the current Iranian government:

Howerver, here is what Ms. Glick wrote last summer about the woman who now heads Germany's government:

"In Germany, opposition leader Angela Merkel will in all likelihood replace Schroeder as chancellor after the September elections....[She has] a firm grasp of the multifaceted challenges facing their countries and a healthy respect for democracy....and an understanding that the global jihad is the largest threat to international security today. "

Here is the entire original article:

Ms. Merkel is not even mentioned in the current article, even though she is responsible for the very policies that Ms. Glick criticises. This looks similar to the "pass" that conservatives give George W. Bush. For right wing Zionists, are all right wing leaders of all western governments exempt from criticism? Does Ms. Glick really think that Ms. Merkel has nothing to do with this? Or thinks that Iran is not part of the global jihad?

Note that the previous German government included Joschka Fischer as foreign minister, a committed leftist who was probably Israel's biggest supporter on the continent. In this case, the right wing is not doing better than the left had. Will we hear that from Ms. Glick or any other conservative commentator?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"There are none so blind as those who will not see."

By which I mean, of course, your own remarkable inability to see anything at all other than through the lens of partisanship. Which is truly sad.

3:11 PM  

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