Sunday, March 19, 2006

Sad happenings in Gaza

In case anyone wondered what had happened to Gaza since Jews left, this article gives you some idea:

How the Palestinians can expect Israel to maintain normal trade relations with a government that has basically announced full scale war with it is beyond me. But there is a more critical issue here: It is quite possible that all law and order will break down in Gaza and the West Bank as Hamas runs out of money and Israel continues its (correct) sealing of the borders. This will endanger the remaining settlements in the West Bank and will likely result in an increase in terrorism overall, as the PA will give up even the pretense of trying to stop attacks. At some point the new Israeli PM (probably Ohlmert) will have to decide what to do and the options aren't pretty. Re-occupation is not out of the question -- but by whom? Ohlmert definitely seems to want out of the job of ruling Palestinians. Would NATO be willing to do what they did in Kosovo? Bush doesn't even have a large enough army to maintain the occupation of Iraq, which isn't (at the moment) run by an unapologetic terrorist organization. Would the Europeans would take the lead? Would Israel accept that? Whatever happens will not likely be for the better.


Anonymous malachai said...

Bush became the first president to support the creation of a palestinian state as a reward for terrorism shortly after 911, and proposed the expulsion of jews from gaza as part of his road map for peace in 2002. Starting in 2002, scientists have noticed a remarkable increase in the rate of global warming and the melting of the polar ice caps, their melting has greatly exceeded anything scientists had predicted prior to bush's roadmap for peace. Global warming and the expulsion of gaza's jews are linked because both are the catasrophic results of bush's support for the continued increase of american consumption of arab oil.

The rapid increase in the loss of ice from greenland and the west antarctic ice sheet raises the possibility that gaza could be sunk into the mediteranean, which would end the arab occupation of jewish gaza forever. It would certainly be "mida keneged mida" if global warming, fueled by arab oil, was the cause of the flooding of gaza by the melted greenland glaciers. One day we will go to the mediterranean shore in sedorot every 10th day of av, the anniversery of the gaza expulsion, and we will sing the Az Yashir to commemorate God's liberation of the jews from the persecution of the arabs and our anti-semetic civilization by global warming.

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